Precise Modelling
Precise Modeling is a Modeling Company specialized in building industrial, architectural, landscape/contour 
scale models, infrastructure models and "working models" with lighting and/or sound systems, mechanical 
systems and actual running water systems. We have been in the model making industry since 1985, and with
nearly 28 years of experience, we are confident in delivering high quality models with precise, hence "Precise

A 3-dimensional model acts as a profound display tool for sales campaign, interested public and is readily
available for discussions amd references, general viewing or appreciation by all involved. With a "working
model", it can render a profound impact for a grand presentation especially for launching ceremonies.

With high-end tools such as the Laser aided cutting machine, a CNC Engraver and even the Makerbot
Printer MK7 to add to our asset-list of construction and also a handful of skilful model makers, we are 
able to deliver high-quality models every time and also in a short amount of time.

This is along with great gratitude that I give special thanks to you and your office for the support that your project proposed me to make my documents. Without your help it could be very problematic or maybe even unthinkable, to be capable to travel.

Precise Modelling
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